The Pros and Cons of Being Silent

I lost my voice from Sunday-Tuesday and it taught me a little about the world, not only about communication but our absolute reliance on voice. So here is my list of the greatest things and also the most terrible things about being voiceless.

Con: Everyone thinks you’re being rude

You don’t realize how much you say ‘hi’ to people on campus or ‘thank you’ to people who open the door for you, until you can’t. Got a lot of nasty looks and felt horrible about it. I swear it wasn’t personal everyone. I was whispering thank you, you just couldn’t hear me.



Pro: You have a really good excuse not to talk to people you want to avoid

Sometimes I don’t want to say anything and now I have the perfect excuse.


Con: Sometimes you do want to say something and are totally screwed

For example, in your last reporting class when you actually have something important to say and have to sit there in annoyed silence.


Pro: Your face looks way better

Apparently talking all the time strains your face because my face is looking good after not talking. My face has never been more relaxed in my entire life.


Con: You can’t order food

You know what restaurants require? A voice. I basically almost starved because I had no food in my house and couldn’t go anywhere to order things. I survived on Jimmy John’s delivery. They are probably super familiar with my name now… 3 days in a row later.


Bottom line:  The cons are kinda way worse than the pros. I totally feel for the pirate without a tongue in Pirates of the Caribbean.



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