The Struggle is real

Since my brain is basically dead and I can’t form full paragraphs, this is a list of my thoughts about today and my GA shift.

1. Whoa the newsroom was slow. You know it’s a bad day when Allie is praying for something weird to happen so we have a story.,

2. Everyone in the newsroom felt like yelling today. Why was that a thing

3. Liz bought me coffee today. That was cool and also thank you.

4. The barista asked if I wanted an extra shot for free because I looked so tired. Womp

5. I did a life story and the guy was really nice. I always appreciate when people are nice when I’m just trying to do my job.

6. Writing nut grafs is hard. 30 minutes later and I’m still staring at my screen

7. I really hate the chairs in the newsroom. Could you be an more uncomfortable?

8. Liz doesn’t think I’m dumb. Whooooo

9. Fingers crossed I didn’t get a parking ticket.

10. Last GA shift!!!!!


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