The Struggle is real

Since my brain is basically dead and I can’t form full paragraphs, this is a list of my thoughts about today and my GA shift.

1. Whoa the newsroom was slow. You know it’s a bad day when Allie is praying for something weird to happen so we have a story.,

2. Everyone in the newsroom felt like yelling today. Why was that a thing

3. Liz bought me coffee today. That was cool and also thank you.

4. The barista asked if I wanted an extra shot for free because I looked so tired. Womp

5. I did a life story and the guy was really nice. I always appreciate when people are nice when I’m just trying to do my job.

6. Writing nut grafs is hard. 30 minutes later and I’m still staring at my screen

7. I really hate the chairs in the newsroom. Could you be an more uncomfortable?

8. Liz doesn’t think I’m dumb. Whooooo

9. Fingers crossed I didn’t get a parking ticket.

10. Last GA shift!!!!!


Whooooo done!

Finals are officially over for me. Granted I still have things to finish up in News Reporting but the nightmare of 3 tests in 18 hours is finally over. With the end of year approaching, I’m amazed at how fast junior year just went. It has probably been one of the hardest years I’ve had to deal with but I feel like I’ve also grown immensely as a journalist and as a person. I’m bittersweet about starting my senior year but also excited to begin my new phase of classes.

Onward and upward… but also ready to go home and hug my mom.


The Pros and Cons of Being Silent

I lost my voice from Sunday-Tuesday and it taught me a little about the world, not only about communication but our absolute reliance on voice. So here is my list of the greatest things and also the most terrible things about being voiceless.

Con: Everyone thinks you’re being rude

You don’t realize how much you say ‘hi’ to people on campus or ‘thank you’ to people who open the door for you, until you can’t. Got a lot of nasty looks and felt horrible about it. I swear it wasn’t personal everyone. I was whispering thank you, you just couldn’t hear me.



Pro: You have a really good excuse not to talk to people you want to avoid

Sometimes I don’t want to say anything and now I have the perfect excuse.


Con: Sometimes you do want to say something and are totally screwed

For example, in your last reporting class when you actually have something important to say and have to sit there in annoyed silence.


Pro: Your face looks way better

Apparently talking all the time strains your face because my face is looking good after not talking. My face has never been more relaxed in my entire life.


Con: You can’t order food

You know what restaurants require? A voice. I basically almost starved because I had no food in my house and couldn’t go anywhere to order things. I survived on Jimmy John’s delivery. They are probably super familiar with my name now… 3 days in a row later.


Bottom line:  The cons are kinda way worse than the pros. I totally feel for the pirate without a tongue in Pirates of the Caribbean.


All about Pandas

All about Pandas

First of all, I’m going to make this a short post but I wanted to share this article for two reasons.

1. Would you dress up in a panda suit to write a story and get photos of a panda?

2. The answer should be yes because pandas are awesome. Anything to the contrary would be blasphemy. I mean look at that panda…

But this article is actually pretty cool at describing the methods of reporting and research. Shows what great lengths some people go for the benefit of science and preservation. 

Happy 10th Birthday Mean Girls!

Happy 10th Birthday Mean Girls!

Maybe this isn’t very “super serious journalist” of me but I’m going to do it anyway. Mean Girls is my childhood and I can’t believe that it was released 10 years ago. Not only does that make me feel old but also a little sad that the world has changed so much as seen in this article. Although I’m happy for the many advancements we’ve had since then, I’m also a little nostalgic for a time when things were a little simpler, even if that was just in my life.

Plus Mean Girls is just so fetch….Sorry it’s a classic for me. I don’t care what you say I’ll always think it’s cinematic gold.


Curiosity May have Killed the Cat but Not the Journalist

One thing that I’ve really found this semester from both my own experiences and what Liz has said, is that every journalist who isn’t curious shouldn’t be a journalist. It is one of the many defining factors that often sets up apart. Some people are happy just living their life not asking questions but a journalist is always asking why. It is the reason why I find myself reading a news article, looking up someone’s name in the article and 3 hours later ending up on a webpage about the AIM (American Indian Revolution) with no clear idea how I got there.

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power. And although I think it’s impossible to know a lot about everything, I would like to know a little about a lot. I find that digging deeper into subjects or people that you find interesting can be very rewarding and also make you, in turn, more interesting. No one truly likes people who know nothing. Or at least no one that I care to acquaint myself with. Curiosity is the reason that great journalism pieces are written because the journalist was curious enough to ask some questions.

But why is the rum gone?

Yesterday on GA, Elise and I managed to write a lede that incorporated Jack Sparrow and it was awesome. That fact aside, I’m actually very happy with how the story turned out. It was about how the local winery is launching a craft distillate brand that features a variety of rum, vodka and gin.

Les Bourgeois winery, Jonny Ver Planck distillery launch craft rum – Columbia Missourian

I really enjoyed doing this story because I was able to learn about a process that I knew nothing about and talk to people who are passionate about it. I think this story is closer to the kinds of things I hope to be doing once I graduate. I found it funny that yesterday that everyone else had painfully serious stories to complete and I was sitting in the story learning about how rum is made. It’s the weirdest and also greatest thing about journalism.