Curiosity May have Killed the Cat but Not the Journalist

One thing that I’ve really found this semester from both my own experiences and what Liz has said, is that every journalist who isn’t curious shouldn’t be a journalist. It is one of the many defining factors that often sets up apart. Some people are happy just living their life not asking questions but a journalist is always asking why. It is the reason why I find myself reading a news article, looking up someone’s name in the article and 3 hours later ending up on a webpage about the AIM (American Indian Revolution) with no clear idea how I got there.

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power. And although I think it’s impossible to know a lot about everything, I would like to know a little about a lot. I find that digging deeper into subjects or people that you find interesting can be very rewarding and also make you, in turn, more interesting. No one truly likes people who know nothing. Or at least no one that I care to acquaint myself with. Curiosity is the reason that great journalism pieces are written because the journalist was curious enough to ask some questions.